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Hint: "Nutrition Education & Emergency Disaster Assistance” which is a Nutrition Club primarily formed for Department of Food Technology & Nutrition Science- where students and teachers can share their views, learning & experiences together. The aim is “To Lead & Create Shared Vision" by bringing people together to reflect on the noble purpose of “Education & Assistance"- not just through hope but through action. It will serve as a platform to practice all the thematic knowledge which will help them to be a leader in the field of public health, food technology and nutrition by creating new environmental norms where healthy eating and active living will be a natural choice. <br> Contact: Md Mahmudul Islam Khan (9th Batch), Student Representative, Mobile: +8801683889604. Email: <br> Md Ruhul Kabir, Faculty Member, FTNS dept. Faculty Advisor, NEED Assistance, Mobile: +8801862626910. Email:
Mobile: +8801683889604 , +8801862626910
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